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SBAC Tech Skills for Grades 1-2

Mouse Practice

Mouse Practice

Magical Capitals
Allows students to practice their understanding of capitalization and mouse skills.
Color, Draw & Paint
Gives students the opportunity drawing lines, circles and navigating
buttons with their mouse. (Creative)
Balloon Pop Subtraction
Allows students the opportunity to practice subtraction while they
practice their mouse skills. CCSS ELA (RF.K.3)


Keyboarding Lesson
Monkey Paws
Students will type keys using left and right hands. CCSS ELA (W.1.6) (W.2.6)
Keyboarding Zoo Students will practice finding the keys on the keyboard. CCSS ELA (W.1.6) (W.2.6)
Keyboard Climber
Students will navigate the website to begin and type keys that appear. CCSS ELA (W.1.6) (W.2.6)


Navigation Lesson
In the Number Chart Game students will place numbers in the appropriate location on the number chart while choosing between levels and finding hot spots. CCSS Math (1.NBT.A.1) (2.NBT.A1)
Dinosaurs Read Aloud is a read aloud that allows students to practice navigation, while listening to reading. Use hot spots (pause, arrow) and volume sliders.  CCSS ELA (SL1.4) (SL2.2)
In Study Jams, students can watch videos and play supplemental games on as variety of topics tied to CCSS Math standards. Play a video, use navigation tools, and learn! (Math)
In Math Word Problems, have students choose a grade level, and practice typing in a constructed response box. CCSS Math (1.OA.A.2) (2.OA.A.1)
Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop Lesson
In Base Ten Fun students will practice their ‘drag & drop’ skills by constructing numbers using base ten blocks. CCSS Math (1.NBT.B2) (2.NBT.A1)
Spelling Practice with Dolce Sight Words 
Practice spelling site words by dragging and dropping letters to spell the word.  CCSS ELA (RF.K.2)
In Math Journey, students will practice their ‘drag anddrop’ skills by choosing which numbers are greater or less than by traveling through the journey.  CCSS Math (1NBT.B3)(2.NBT.A4)