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PALSS/Resource/Student Support

PALSS Program Teachers
Taylor Pryor – Primary
Sara Wells  – Primary
Robert Moricz – Intermediate
Marissa Siu - Occupational Therapist
Julie Anna Manley - Psychologist

Resource Teachers/Librarian
Steven Vaughn – Computers
Alexis Tepolt – Physical Education* 
      Donner Gym Website
     *Ed Code section 512109(g) for Grades 1-6 specify the number of minutes of P.E. provided each ten days: 200 minutes every 10 days.
Courtney Vassalo – Librarian

Student Support
Kamio Jones – Psychologist
Tina Hernandez-Berry – Mental Health Therapist
Gina Chase – Speech
Kiinani Eliott-Ward - Resource Specialist
Wendy Leung – Resource Specialist
Bailey Ostrom – Resource Specialist
Lizabeth Gillespie, RN – EGUSD School Nurse
June Franklin – Food and Nutrition Lead
Kimberly Huffman - Primary Academic Intervention Teacher
Amy Tran - Intermediate Academic Intervention Teacher
Sharon Jaravata - Instructional Coach 
Yvette Jackson - Counselor